About Us

Family Operated & Locally Owned since 1928

Union State Bank is family operated and has been locally owned since 1928, when three local banks were merged to form Union State Bank.  The B.M. "Bernie" Beck family has owned the majority interest of Union State Bank since 1972, and family members serve as Chairman & Vice Chairman of the Board, President and CEO today.

Not A Number

When you open an account with Union State Bank, you know that you are not just a name and a number.  You have joined the Union State Bank Family who will be there for you in good times or uncertain times.

Fast, Local Loan Decisions

We make our own loan decisions, which means you won't have to wait a month to "get a decision back from corporate" in another state.  Most loans are decided at the branch level and our loan committee meets every week.  If you have an emergency need, it can usually be worked out.

Community Re-Investment

Who you bank with is Important.  Shouldn't you bank with someone who believes in your community? Banking with a local, independent community bank means your community receives direct benefits from your deposits.  Instead of your money going "out of town", you are directly investing in local businesses, and thereby, strengthening your community.

Community Service

The concept of community service is prevalent in every way Union State Bank does business.  Employee participation and bank sponsorship in many local organizations are just some of the ways that Union State Bank seeks to give back to the community.  Look at the leadership of major organizations in your community- you will find Union State Bank employees on the school boards, library boards, chambers of commerce, and a variety of volunteer organizations and activities.

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