Commercial Loans

Union State Bank is committed to providing quality service to our Commercial Customers. We offer creative financing solutions to our Business Partners through Commercial Real Estate loans, Commercial Equipment Loans, Long and Short-Term Financing and Small Business Loans.

To expedite your loan application, please bring the following documentation to your loan officer on your initial meeting:

  1. Your personal financial statement.
  2. Personal financial statements from any owner of the business with ownership exceeding 20% of the business.
  3. Gross sales information, specifically:
    • If it is an existing business, 3 years of income/expense history and tax returns.
    • If it is a new business, 1 year of projections.
    • Owner compensation amounts – existing or proposed owner salary structure.
    • Pro-forma balance sheet.
  4. Total capital insertion by the owners and source of those funds.
  5. Copy of sales agreement on existing business.
  6. Copy of any existing or proposed leases.
  7. Collateral to be used to secure the loan.
  8. Itemization of the specific purpose for the loan funds, including a copy of the proposed budget.
man opening for business